Public Elementary School Teacher Require in Seoul, South Korea

  1. Starting Date: Early March 2024
  2. Teaching Schedule: Monday through Friday
  3. School Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  4. Student Level: Elementary only
  5. Monthly Salary: Negotiable, starting at 2.2 million won + After-school tuition for 7th and 8th Classes (potential to earn up to one million won easily with afterschool classes)
  6. Vacation Days: 26 Days/Year (26 working days plus National Holidays)
  7. Housing: Housing Allowance of 500,000 Won
  8. Benefits: Airfare, Severance Pay, Health Insurance, National Pension

Salary Conversion: Given that 1 South Korean won equals 0.00077 United States Dollar, let’s calculate the approximate equivalent of the salary:

2,200,000 won * 0.00077 USD/won ≈ 1,694 USD

So, the starting salary of 2.2 million won is approximately 1,694 USD. Please note that exchange rates may vary, and this is an approximate calculation based on the Dec, 2023 rate.


Job Category: Native English Teacher
Job Location: South Korea
Applicant Location Requirements: Australia Canada Ireland New Zealand South Africa UK USA
Job Type: Full Time
Pay (Upto): $1500 - $2500 2 to 3 Million won
Shift and Schedule: Day shift Monday to Friday
Base Salary: $1500

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